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Manim VMobject
 Codes in
  Class VMobject(Mobject)
   Configuration of VMobject
  Class VGroup(VMobject)
  Class VectorizedPoint(VMobject)
  Class CurvesAsSubmobjects(VGroup)
  Class DashedVMobject(VMobject)
 Source and Reference

Manim VMobject

VMobject is a Vectorized Mobject. Vector graphics techniques are used to generate 2D graphics and 3D rendering in addition to a ordinary Mobject. A VMobject object is the key element used in Manim as a dummy vmobject container with base vmobject manipulating functions. A VMobject object focuses only on the internal structural design of a VMobject object.

Codes in

Available codes defined in


Five classes, VMobject, VGroup, VectorizedPoint, CurvesAsSubmobjects, and DashedVMobject are defined.


The import defined in
import itertools as it
import sys

from colour import Color

from manimlib.constants import *
from manimlib.mobject.mobject import Mobject
from manimlib.mobject.three_d_utils import get_3d_vmob_gradient_start_and_end_points
from manimlib.utils.bezier import bezier
from manimlib.utils.bezier import get_smooth_handle_points
from manimlib.utils.bezier import interpolate
from manimlib.utils.bezier import integer_interpolate
from manimlib.utils.bezier import partial_bezier_points
from manimlib.utils.color import color_to_rgba
from manimlib.utils.iterables import make_even
from manimlib.utils.iterables import stretch_array_to_length
from manimlib.utils.iterables import tuplify
from manimlib.utils.simple_functions import clip_in_place
from manimlib.utils.space_ops import rotate_vector
from manimlib.utils.space_ops import get_norm

Class VMobject(Mobject)

class manimlib.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.VMobject(Mobject)version 19Dec2019

Configuration of VMobject

The configuration of a VMobject is defined in
    CONFIG = {
        "fill_color": None,
        "fill_opacity": 0.0,
        "stroke_color": None,
        "stroke_opacity": 1.0,
        "stroke_width": DEFAULT_STROKE_WIDTH,
        # The purpose of background stroke is to have
        # something that won't overlap the fill, e.g.
        # For text against some textured background
        "background_stroke_color": BLACK,
        "background_stroke_opacity": 1.0,
        "background_stroke_width": 0,
        # When a color c is set, there will be a second color
        # computed based on interpolating c to WHITE by with
        # sheen_factor, and the display will gradient to this
        # secondary color in the direction of sheen_direction.
        "sheen_factor": 0.0,
        "sheen_direction": UL,
        # Indicates that it will not be displayed, but
        # that it should count in parent mobject's path
        "close_new_points": False,
        "pre_function_handle_to_anchor_scale_factor": 0.01,
        "make_smooth_after_applying_functions": False,
        "background_image_file": None,
        "shade_in_3d": False,
        # This is within a pixel
        # TODO, do we care about accounting for
        # varying zoom levels?
        "tolerance_for_point_equality": 1e-6,
        "n_points_per_cubic_curve": 4,


Functions defined in class Mobject are
  • def get_group_class(self)
  • # Colors
  • def init_colors(self)
  • def generate_rgbas_array(self, color, opacity)
  • def update_rgbas_array(self, array_name, color=None, opacity=None)
  • def set_fill(self, color=None, opacity=None, family=True)
  • def set_stroke(self, color=None, width=None, opacity=None, background=False, family=True)
  • def set_background_stroke(self, **kwargs)
  • def set_style(self, fill_color=None, fill_opacity=None, stroke_color=None, stroke_width=None, stroke_opacity=None, background_stroke_color=None, background_stroke_width=None, background_stroke_opacity=None, sheen_factor=None, sheen_direction=None, background_image_file=None, family=True)
  • def get_style(self)
  • def match_style(self, vmobject, family=True)
  • def set_color(self, color, family=True)
  • def set_opacity(self, opacity, family=True)
  • def fade(self, darkness=0.5, family=True)
  • def get_fill_rgbas(self)
  • def get_fill_color(self)
  • def get_fill_opacity(self)
  • def get_fill_colors(self)
  • def get_fill_opacities(self)
  • def get_stroke_rgbas(self, background=False)
  • def get_stroke_color(self, background=False)
  • def get_stroke_width(self, background=False)
  • def get_stroke_opacity(self, background=False)
  • def get_stroke_colors(self, background=False)
  • def get_stroke_opacities(self, background=False)
  • def get_color(self)
  • def set_sheen_direction(self, direction, family=True)
  • def set_sheen(self, factor, direction=None, family=True)
  • def get_sheen_direction(self)
  • def get_sheen_factor(self)
  • def get_gradient_start_and_end_points(self)
  • def color_using_background_image(self, background_image_file)
  • def get_background_image_file(self)
  • def match_background_image_file(self, vmobject)
  • def set_shade_in_3d(self, value=True, z_index_as_group=False)
  • # Points
  • def set_points(self, points)
  • def get_points(self)
  • def set_anchors_and_handles(self, anchors1, handles1, handles2, anchors2)
  • def clear_points(self)
  • def append_points(self, new_points)
  • def start_new_path(self, point)
  • def add_cubic_bezier_curve(self, anchor1, handle1, handle2, anchor2)
  • def add_cubic_bezier_curve_to(self, handle1, handle2, anchor)
  • def add_line_to(self, point)
  • def add_smooth_curve_to(self, *points)
  • def has_new_path_started(self)
  • def get_last_point(self)
  • def is_closed(self)
  • def add_points_as_corners(self, points)
  • def set_points_as_corners(self, points)
  • def set_points_smoothly(self, points)
  • def change_anchor_mode(self, mode)
  • def make_smooth(self)
  • def make_jagged(self)
  • def add_subpath(self, points)
  • def append_vectorized_mobject(self, vectorized_mobject)
  • def apply_function(self, function)
  • def scale_handle_to_anchor_distances(self, factor)
  • #
  • def consider_points_equals(self, p0, p1)
  • # Information about line
  • def get_cubic_bezier_tuples_from_points(self, points)
  • def get_cubic_bezier_tuples(self)
  • def get_subpaths_from_points(self, points)
  • def get_subpaths(self)
  • def get_nth_curve_points(self, n)
  • def get_nth_curve_function(self, n)
  • def get_num_curves(self)
  • def point_from_proportion(self, alpha)
  • def get_anchors_and_handles(self)
  • def get_start_anchors(self)
  • def get_end_anchors(self)
  • def get_anchors(self)
  • def get_points_defining_boundary(self)
  • def get_arc_length(self, n_sample_points=None)
  • # Alignment
  • def align_points(self, vmobject)
    • def get_nth_subpath(path_list, n)
  • def insert_n_curves(self, n)
  • def insert_n_curves_to_point_list(self, n, points)
  • def align_rgbas(self, vmobject)
  • def get_point_mobject(self, center=None)
  • def interpolate_color(self, mobject1, mobject2, alpha)
  • def pointwise_become_partial(self, vmobject, a, b)
  • def get_subcurve(self, a, b)

Class VGroup(VMobject)

class manimlib.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.VGroup(VMobject)version 19Dec2019


Functions defined in class VGroup are
  • def __init__(self, *vmobjects, **kwargs)

Class VectorizedPoint(VMobject)

class manimlib.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.VectorizedPoint(VMobject)version 19Dec2019


The configuration is defined in
    CONFIG = {
        "color": BLACK,
        "fill_opacity": 0,
        "stroke_width": 0,
        "artificial_width": 0.01,
        "artificial_height": 0.01,


Functions defined in class VectorizedPoint are
  • def __init__(self, location=ORIGIN, **kwargs)
  • def get_width(self)
  • def get_height(self)
  • def get_location(self)
  • def set_location(self, new_loc)

Class CurvesAsSubmobjects(VGroup)

class manimlib.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.CurvesAsSubmobjects(VGroup)version 19Dec2019


Functions defined in class CurvesAsSubmobjects are
  • def __init__(self, vmobject, **kwargs)

Class DashedVMobject(VMobject)

class manimlib.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.DashedVMobject(VMobject)version 19Dec2019


The configuration is defined in
    CONFIG = {
        "num_dashes": 15,
        "positive_space_ratio": 0.5,
        "color": WHITE


Functions defined in class DashedVMobject(VMobject) are
  • def __init__(self, vmobject, **kwargs)

Source and Reference


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