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ASP.NET Typical Features
  Server Side Include File
 .NET Technology
 Web Page Model
 <%= ⋯ %>Displaying Expression

ASP.NET Typical Features

ASP.NET has some typical features that are not the same as classic ASP.

Server Side Include File

ASP.NET supports only the server-side include directive, #include, for inserting the content of any specified file into the ASP.NET file before processed by the IIS web server. For ASP platform, the included file is proessed by the IIS web server and then insert the result into the ASP file. But for ASP.NET platform, the IIS web server only insert the content of the included file into the ASP.NET accordingly because the ASP.NET code compiler of IIS web server will process the whole ASP.NET file of a ASP.NET page only.

The server side include script is processed by the IIS web server before the IIS web server compiles the whole ASP.NET file. Therefore a variable cannot be used in place of a file name in a server-side include file.

.NET Technology

ASP.NET is based on .NET technology. The mechanism is simply automatically imported a set of  needed namespaces for all ASP.NET web pages with .aspx file extension. The namespaces fore ASP.NET are
  • System
  • System.Collections
  • System.Collections.Specialized
  • System.Configuration
  • System.Text
  • System.Text.RegularExpressions
  • System.Web
  • System.Web.Caching
  • System.Web.Profile
  • System.Web.Security
  • System.Web.SessionState
  • System.Web.UI
  • System.Web.UI.HtmlControls
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts

Web Page Model

An ASP.NET web page can usually divided into two parts, the markup elements and programming logic code. In additional to a single web file, ASP.NET provides two models for managing the visual elements and code. The single-file page model is a single web file with .aspx file extension that consists of both the visual elements and programming logic code. The code-behind page model is composed of two files. The markup elements is kept in a file with .aspx file extension, while the programming logic code is stored in another file. The two models function the same, and the same controls and code can be used for both models.

However, only .NET programming languages, that supporting partial classes, can be used to create code-behind files for ASP.NET Web pages. For examples, Visual Basic and C#.

<%= ⋯ %>Displaying Expression

The <%= ⋯ %> displaying expression is an equivalent of the embedded code block that contains only the Response.Write(⋯) statement. The displaying expression cannot be used in the attributes of server controls. This is because the .NET Framework directly compiles the whole expression instead of the displaying content as the value to the attribute.


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