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Session Object

Session Object

Session object of ASP is related to the manipulation of information about the session of a client on the server.


Method Description
Abandon Abandon or destroy a Session object and release all related resources.
Contents.Remove Remove or delete an item from the Contents collection of Session object.
Contents.RemoveAll Remove or delete all items from the Contents collection of Session object.


Property Description
CodePage Add or set the CodePage for data in the intrinsic objects within the entire session.
Contents (Collection) Add or set the value of an item of the Contents collection of Session object through script commands.
LCID Set the value of LCID for the data of response in the intrinsic objects to specify the format of dates, times, and currency for different geographical locale for an entire session.
SessionID Return the unique of LONG data type session identifier generated by the server during the creation of the new session.
StaticObjects (Collection) Collection of all objects added to the current session through the <OBJECT> tag within the session scope
Timeout Set the length of time out period for the Session object of the application that allowing the client to refresh or request a page on the server before the end of session on the server.


Event Description
Session_OnEnd Event occurs on the end of a Session when the Session is either abandoned or times out.
Session_OnStart Event occurs on the start of a Session when a new Session is created by the server.


  • All items in the collections of Session object is available within the scope of entire session for a client in the application.

  • A Session object with unique Session Identifier is created by the web server automatically  when a web page from the application is requested by a client without a Session Identifier or does not already have a session. Therefore a client jumps between pages in the application will have the same Session object and session identifier. The Session object will be destroyed by the server once the session is abandoned or is destroyed.

  • An object instance of a component can be assigned to an item of a Contents Collection through the Server.CreateObject method with the Set keyword.

  • And an embedded object can also be assigned to an item of a StaticObjects Collection through the <OBJECT> tag

  • However, only threading model of objects marked as BOTH can be stored in the Session object, because the session is not locked to a single thread

  • But all built-in objects cannot be assigned to neither a Content Collection nor a StaticObjects Collection.

  • Besides, an array can also be assigned to an item of a Contents Collection in the form of a collection, but the elements of the stored array in the Contents Collection cannot be manipulated as an ordinary array directly because the array is stored as a collection.

  • The methods and properties of ASP Session object can be grouped into

    • Setup/Event: Session_OnEnd; Session_OnStart
    • Session Control: Abandon; SessionID; Timeout
    • Session Setup: CodePage; LCID
    • Embedded Object: StaticObjects
    • Variable:iable:
      • Add/Set: Contents;
      • Remove: Contents.Remove; Contents.RemoveAll


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