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Response Object

Response Object

Response object of ASP is related to sending response from the server to the client.


Method Description
AddHeader Add and set the HTTP header with "header name" to "value"
AppendToLog Append "a string" to the end of the serer log entry for the HTTP request
BinaryWrite Write or Send "the information" to the HTML output directly without carrying out any character-set conversion.
Clear Clear the buffered HTML output
End End the interpretation process by stopping the further processing the .asp file and returning the completed result to the HTML output
Flush Flush the buffered HTML output by sending the output immediately
Redirect  Redirect the HTTP request to "a specified URL" by sending a moved HTTP header to the client
Write Write "the specified string" to the HTML output


Property Description
Buffer Set a flag to indicate whether the HTML output is buffered or not
CacheControl Set the value of the Cache-Control header to indicate whether the proxy servers or other cache mechanism can cache the HTML output
Charset Append the name of character set to the charset parameter to specify the character encoding for the browser.
CodePage Set the value of code page for the data of response in the intrinsic objects to specify the character encoding for different languages in the server
ContentType Set the value of content-type header to specify the content type of the HTTP response
Cookies (collection) Add or set the value of a cookie
Expires Set the length of the time in minutes that the HTML page can be cached on the browser to calculate the absolute expires time according to the time on the server for the HTTP Expires header.
ExpiresAbsolute Set the date and time that the HTML page to be expired on the browser for the HTTP header
IsClientConnected A read only property to indicate whether the conncection to the server has been reset by the client or not
LCID Set the value of LCID for the data of response output to specify the format of dates, times, and currency for different geographical locale for the server
PICS Set the value of PICS label for the pics-label header to specify the content rating.
Status Set the value of the status line returned by the server to the client


The methods and properties of ASP response object can be grouped into

  • Web Server
    • Server log: AppendToLog
  • ASP Control
    • Encoding: CodePage; LCID;
    • Buffer control: Buffer; Clear; Flush;
    • Stop script processing: End;
    • ReadOnly flag: IsClientConnected
  • HTTP Header
    • Moved to a specified URL: Redirect
    • Send a status line: Status
    • Add new header: AddHeader
    • Set value of standard header: CacheControl; Charset; ContentType; Expires; ExpiresAbsolute; PICS;
    • Set value of Collection: Cookie
  • HTML Content
    • Direct data Output: BinaryWrite;
    • Encoded Output: Write


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