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ADO.NET Connection String

ADO.NET connection string is simply the string used by the connection provided by the corresponding data provider.

.NET Data Provider

A .NET Data Provider is a component designed to access the data source. The included data providers in .Net are System.Data.SqlClient namespace for accessing Microsoft SQL Server, System.Data.OleDb namespace for accessing OLE DBFor data sources exposed by using OLE DB, System.Data.Odbc namespace for accessing data sources exposed by using ODBC, System.Data.OracleClient namespace for accessing Oracle data sources of Oracle client software version 8.1.7 and later, System.Data.EntityClient namespace for accessing EntityClient data sources of  Entity Data Model (EDM) applications, and System.Data.SqlServerCe namespace for accessing data sources of Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0.

.NET Connection

A .NET connection is an element of data provider for providing a unique connection to a data source. In order to establish a connection to a data source, some connectting information are needed. These information is stored as ConnectionString property of the corresponding .NET connection. Some information

.NET Connection String

There are many ways to present a connection string. Some information is Provider, Data Source, For example, ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=T:\test.mdb;User Id=admin;Password=;"

Common Problems

Some common problems are

  • If you have a 64 bit machine and have Office 32 bit installed, you can try to download the 32 bit version of the Access Database Engine. Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
  • Installing Access Database Engine without uninstalling Microsoft office.

    Launching the install of a Microsoft ACE OLEDB Provider on a machine with an Office install other than the current one (e.g. 32 on 64) will cause the install to fail. To have it run properly you need to launch it from a command line with the “/passive” argument specified.

    • To install the Microsoft ACE OLEDB Provider 32-bit on a machine running Office 2010 64-bit:

    $> AccessDatabaseEngine.exe /passive

    • To install the Microsoft ACE OLEDB Provider 64-bit on a machine running Office 2010 32-bit:

    $> AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe /passive



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